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HoKx Tank Finder Database for World of Tanks

HoKx Tank Finder (version 3.04.77 – Last Update 19th September 2022)

Currently Being Restructured/Fixed/Modified – Next updates will include the updates of recent tanks added/buffed/nerfed in the last few patches 

Quick World of Tanks HoKx Tank Finder database has been created for you to be quickly able to find a tank based on Your premises on what You find to be the most important specification in a tank.

  • Question: “What is Goal of the ‘HoKx Tank Finder‘ ?”
  • Answer: “To help WOT Players quickly finding a vehicle that they most likely will enjoy playing according to their priorities in a tank.” :D

HoKx Tank Finder

wdt_IDTank NameTierNationalityTank ClassRarityFirepowerSurvivabilityMobilityConcealmentSpottingDamageGun Loading (s)PenetrationMinimum Stun Duration (s)Maximum Stun Duration (s)Rate of Fire (rounds/min)Reload Full (magazine)Reload Magazine (shell)Reload (quantity)Salvo Preparation (s)Gun reloading Block Penalty (s)Turret Traverse Angles deg. (left)Gun Traverse Speed (deg/s)Turret Traverse Angles deg. (right)Gun DepressionGun ElevationGun Traverse Limits deg. (Left)Gun Traverse Limits deg. (Right)Aiming Time (s)Aiming Time (s) (turbo)Gun DispersionAverage DPMHit Points (HP)Hull Armour (Front)Hull Armour (Side)Hull Armour (Rear)Turret Armour (Front)Turret Armour (Side)Turret Armour (Rear)Suspension Repair Time (main)Suspension Repair Time (reserve)WeightWeight Load Limit (t)Engine Power (h.p.)Engine Power (Turbo) (h.p.)Specific Power (h.p./t)Specific Power (h.p./t) (Turbo)Top Speed (km/h)Reverse Speed (km/h)Top Speed (Rapid) (km/h)Reverse Speed (Rapid) (km/h)Top Speed (Turbo) (km/h)Reverse Speed (Turbo) (km/h)Tank Traverse Speed (deg/s)Maximum Wheel Turning Angle (deg)Switching to Siege mode (s)Switching to Travel mode (s)Time to Switch engine modes (s)Camo Stationary (%)Camo Stationary (%) (Firing)Camo Moving (%)Camo Moving (%) (Firing)Stationary Vehicle (Turbo) (%)Stationary Vehicle (Turbo) (%) (Firing)Moving Vehicle (Turbo) (%)Moving Vehicle (Turbo) (%) (Firing)View Range (m)Signal Range (m)Links
1Strv fm/21Tier 1SwedenLight TankTech Tree116289182335120,00270,000,0061,687,670,30100,0000,0028,000,00-10,0015,000,000,002,500,000,507402801414141414140,000,009,0210,005506,100,0025,0014,00000036,51000,00010,202,437,641,820,000,000,000,00290276
24TPTier 1PolandLight TankTech Tree173412270311555,20450,000,0011,540,000,0000,0000,0035,000,00-8,0015,000,000,002,800,000,46635235118610860,000,004,846,5085017,560,0035,0012,00000046,94000,00015,053,7211,292,790,000,000,000,00280300
3Medium ITier 1U.K.Light TankCollector242278144311704,31450,000,0013,910,000,0000,0000,0033,380,00-7,0016,000,000,002,210,000,509733006666660,000,0011,8513,209007,590,0024,008,00000036,51000,0008,041,916,041,440,000,000,000,00280261
4Cruiser ITier 1U.K.Light TankTech Tree274389222311450,00350,000,0018,6011,030,6340,0000,0033,380,00-15,0020,000,000,002,400,000,508372551410101412140,000,0012,7813,5012009,390,0035,0012,00000036,51000,00012,712,489,521,860,000,000,000,00280261
5R. OtsuTier 1JapanLight TankTech Tree147272252311453,40330,000,0017,650,000,0000,0000,0024,000,00-22,0020,000,000,002,700,000,507942353030222020200,000,008,5410,507508,780,0023,008,00000041,72000,00013,973,5610,492,670,000,000,000,00280300
6K-housenkaTier 1CzechLight TankTech Tree284291215311503,10450,000,0019,360,000,0000,0000,0028,000,00-10,0020,000,000,001,900,000,4296823514861414140,000,007,9310,005006,310,0025,008,00000041,72000,00011,972,969,012,230,000,000,000,00280265
7FTTier 1FranceLight TankTech Tree10627124331180,00230,000,00117,395,800,13150,0000,0034,000,00-10,0035,000,000,002,000,000,589392451616162222160,000,004,796,803908,150,0021,008,00000062,58000,00013,573,2310,202,430,000,000,000,00280300
8Fiat 3000Tier 1ItalyLight TankTech Tree226269244311402,80390,000,0021,430,000,0000,0000,0034,000,00-10,0020,000,000,002,000,000,428572551616161616160,000,005,906,5063010,680,0021,008,00000052,15000,00013,513,4510,152,590,000,000,000,00280265
9L.Tr.Tier 1GermanyLight TankTech Tree205425228383110,00300,000,00119,803,260,25120,0000,0039,000,00-10,0030,000,000,001,800,000,531.3182801414141414140,000,007,619,5085011,170,0036,009,00000068,84000,00012,773,049,582,280,000,000,000,00310265
10NC-31Tier 1ChinaLight TankTech Tree226312227311362,30400,000,0026,090,000,0000,0000,0034,000,00-6,0035,000,000,002,000,000,469392351616162222220,000,006,598,6075011,380,0025,008,00000062,58000,00012,603,219,462,410,000,000,000,00280300
TierNationalityTank ClassRarityFirepowerSurvivabilityMobilityConcealmentSpottingDamageGun Loading (s)PenetrationRate of Fire (rounds/min)Gun Traverse Speed (deg/s)Gun DepressionGun ElevationAiming Time (s)Gun DispersionAverage DPMHit Points (HP)Hull Armour (Front)Turret Armour (Front)Specific Power (h.p./t)Top Speed (km/h)Reverse Speed (km/h)Tank Traverse Speed (deg/s)Camo Stationary (%)Camo Moving (%)View Range (m)Signal Range (m)

All tanks are outfit in their Top Configuration according to the Default most optimized setting according to Wargaming inside the garage.


  • 19th of September
    • Multiple Sorting options has now been correctly set
    • Tank links are now linking to the correct page
  • 18th of September
    • Database went through loads of updates due to various import issues including speed issues which could cause 60+ seconds load times.
    • The new database system is expected to count load times of 3-6 seconds.
  • 7th of September 2022
    • Major updates to the stability of the database
  • 6th of September 2022
    • Brand new underlying structure to remove the 60+ seconds loading times
  • 21st of January 2022
    • Added Pz. M 15, KV-1Sh, Matilda LVT, Tornvagn, M-IV-Y, Caliban, Pz. 35 R, M4-85, AMBT, 113 BO, Object 268 5, 114 SP2
  • 16th of December 2021
    • All permalinks have been fixed for Tank Reviews links
  • 3rd of December 2021
    • Added AltProto AMX 30
  • 8th of November 2021
    • Centurion 7/1 Spotting values has been corrected.
  • 17th of October 2021
    • Minor text fixes
  • 13th of October 2021
    • Updated stats for Type 59. Type 59 G, Type T-34, Type 58, T-34-1, T-34-2, WZ-120, 121, 110
  • 1st of October 2021
    • Updated stats for IS-6, IS-6 B, KV-5, M46 Patton KR, T95E2, T34, T34 B, M48A2 Räumpanzer, AMX Chasseur de chars, 59-Patton, 112, T-34-3, WZ-111, WZ-111 Alpine Tiger
    • Added 4x Czech heavy tanks, 1x ASTRON Rex
  • 27th of July 2021
    • Various new tank review videos has been added (Type 61, CS-59,…)
  • 6th-9th of July 2021
    • UDES 16, 110, K-91 tank reviews added
  • 5th of July 2021
    • Added new tank search filter – Signal Range
    • Re-added open top search option and removed lower one due to minor search issues
    • Removed M4A1 Rev. duplicate
    • Fixed Indien Panzer Signal Range
  • 2nd July 2021
    • Minor Graphical enhancements
      • Selection & Hover colors added
      • Tank review link button style has been added
  • 1st July 2021
    • Updated latest buffed stats for ISU-130, IS-5, KV-4 Kreslavskiy, KV-2, KV-2 (R), A-43, A-44, T-150, KV-3, M60, Chieftain/T95, T49, T92, FV1066 Senlac, Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy, M41D, 121B
    • Corrected Panhard EBR 90 alpha damage
    • Removed the duplicate tank search option as it is featured just above the tank result data
  • 26th June 2021
    • Added tank search option
    • Minor GUI Fixes
  • 25th June 2021
    • Removed Arty from the sorting (If anyone wish to have a dedicated arty search option then do let me know in the comments below and ill fix it)
    • Fixed Camo Stationary, Camo Moving and Hull Armor filter
    • Optimized sorting colors for easier overview
  • 24th of July 2021
    • Minor GUI changes
  • 22nd of July 2021
    • All Tier IX tanks are now added which makes the tank amount complete as of current
    • Fixed & Finished adding Collector Rarity for all countries
  • 2nd of May 2021
    • Added Pz. IV H Ankou at Tier V
    • 17x Tier IX tanks added
  • 1st of May 2021
    • 1x Corrected French tank Camo value
    • 6x Corrected German heavy tanks dispersion value at 100m
    • 3x Corrected Italian tanks dispersion value at 100m
  • 30th April 2021
    • Finished Adding Tier VIII Tanks
  • 27th March 2021 ()
    • Added New Tab “Tank Review Links”
  • 26th March
    • Added Additional Filters (Hull Armor, Camo Moving, Camo Stationary, Turret Armor
  • 24th March
    • Added Additional Filter (RoF (Rate of Fire))
  • 23rd March
    • Added 2x Additional Filters (Turret Traverse Speed, Tank Traverse Speed)

The HoKx Tank Finder & Search Database has been in the making and planning for months (design, data, output, code, filters, options, etc.) but still requires more work! – As I am only 1 human please do be patient ;)

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