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AMX ELC Bis | WoT Best Replays

by iFacePalm

In World of Tanks, the AMX ELC bis is a unique and formidable Tier V French light tank that offers a thrilling blend of speed, stealth, and firepower. Known for its remarkably compact design and high mobility, it’s a favorite among players who enjoy a hit-and-run style of play. The tank’s in-game attributes include a potent 90 mm cannon capable of dealing significant damage with well-placed shots. However, its armor is quite thin, making it vulnerable to enemy fire if caught in the open.

The AMX ELC bis fits intriguingly into the current meta, which favors versatility and the ability to quickly adapt to changing battlefield conditions. Its strengths lie in its ability to scout enemy positions stealthily and execute flanking maneuvers. On the downside, its low durability and limited view range can be challenging, necessitating a more cautious approach than other light tanks might require. Effective strategies for the ELC bis involve using its speed to exploit gaps in enemy lines and utilizing cover to avoid engagements where it is outmatched.

Historical Overview

The AMX ELC bis, developed in the early 1950s, was intended to meet the French Army’s need for an air-transportable vehicle that could support paratroopers. The ELC (Engin Léger de Combat) project aimed to create a light tank capable of providing both reconnaissance and fire support. While the tank was never mass-produced or officially adopted by the French military, several prototypes were tested. These trials demonstrated the tank’s agility and firepower, but also highlighted the impracticalities of its cramped layout and limited crew capacity.

Development Background

The design of the AMX ELC bis was driven by the requirement to bridge the gap between reconnaissance vehicles and heavier tanks. The French Army needed a tank that could be rapidly deployed and capable of engaging in combat with both soft targets and armored foes. The ELC project focused on a compact, highly mobile tank with substantial firepower, balancing these features within the constraints of air transportability and crew efficiency.

Production Status

The AMX ELC bis was not mass-produced. After prototype testing, the project was ultimately shelved in favor of other armored vehicles that offered greater versatility and crew comfort. The tank’s intended role as a support vehicle for airborne forces was conceptually innovative, but practical deployment considerations led to the development and fielding of alternative systems that could fulfill multiple roles on the modern battlefield.

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