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Semovente M43 Bassotto | WoT Gameplay

by iFacePalm

Historical Overview: The Semovente M43 ‘Bassotto’ was an Italian self-propelled gun developed during World War II. It was a later and more powerful variant in the Semovente series, designed to provide direct fire support with its 105mm or 75mm howitzer.

Development Background: Italy, striving to enhance its armored forces, developed the M43 in response to the need for more potent self-propelled artillery. It aimed to complement existing tank units and provide effective fire support against enemy fortifications and armor.

Production Status: The Semovente M43 was produced in limited numbers due to Italy’s armistice and the subsequent end of World War II. It saw limited operational use, primarily on the Italian front, where it demonstrated its capabilities in a supporting role.

World of Tanks: Semovente is featured in World of Tanks as a Tier 6 Italian Tank Destroyer.

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