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WoT Best Replays | Mastery Games

by iFacePalm
How to Submit Your World of Tanks Best Replays? It’s easy! All you need to do is:
  1. Earn a Mastery Badge in World of Tanks
  2. Upload your replay to one of these WoT sites: | WoTReplays.eu(Primary) | WoT-Record |
  3. Paste the Link in the comments section below:

You can now upload a brand new or even a several year old World of Tanks replay that you just have had laying around and share it for everyone to see, learn & get inspired from. WoT best replays videos will be featured on HoKx Discord, YouTube, Facebook, HoKx.com and each thumbnail will include your game nickname alongside your achieved xp, dmg and amount of frags.

For more information read below and feel free to visit our HoKx Community Discord Server

*More Details? (click me)

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