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HoKx Gold Race – Community Event

HoKx Monthly GOLD Racing Event - Everyone is Welcome to Join!

by iFacePalm

HOKX welcomes all WoT players to a Formula 3 racing event with awesome GOLD prize for the winner. Maximum of 60 spots are available.

FREE – Yes it is 100% Free to Signup & Participate and all World of Tanks players in the EU Region are welcome to join in

SIGNUP inside our Discord Server #gold-racing room. You can also use this Direct Disord channel – HoKx Racing.

Check out the Next GO LIVE date and join us and join us 2100-2200+ CET (2000-2100 UK) for some tank racing. All participants are to be live and ready inside our Racing Voice Channel

RULES – No shooting – Follow the course indicated, failure to follow the course = time penalty, repeat failures = disqualification – Vehicle must conform to requirements below – Everything else goes, like Ramming, Blocking, Pushing, etc.

PRIZE MONEY – HoKx currently Sponsors 2.500 Gold for the race winner each month, the only requirement is that there needs to be at least 10 Race Participants. If the event was cancelled or in case there was not enough participants then the prize money will be added to next month!

RACING VEHICLE – Tier 3 German tech tree light tank Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E – Only the basic equipment loadout shown inside our discord server is allowed.


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