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AMX Foch B | WoT Best Replays

by iFacePalm

In “World of Tanks,” the AMX Foch B stands as a formidable Tier X French tank destroyer. This tank is recognized for its autoloading gun capable of unloading massive bursts of damage in a short span. The AMX Foch B is equipped with a 120mm gun that can fire six rounds rapidly before needing to reload, making it a fearsome opponent in ambush scenarios.

With armor that is decently thick and well-angled at the front, the AMX Foch B can bounce shots from unsuspecting adversaries, especially when hull-down or using terrain to its advantage. However, it’s the mobility that sometimes lets it down; while not the slowest, it lacks the agility to reposition quickly or escape unfavorable fights.

In the current meta of “World of Tanks,” where flexibility and firepower are prized, the AMX Foch B excels in defensive roles and supporting flanks. It’s best used in positions where it can lay in wait for enemies, utilizing its burst damage to cripple or finish off targets before they can react. However, players must be wary of its long reload times and the relatively weak side and rear armor, which can be easily exploited by more mobile enemies.

Historical Overview

The AMX Foch B, named after the famous French General Ferdinand Foch, is a theoretical evolution in the lineage of French tank destroyers but does not have a direct historical counterpart that saw combat or extensive development. The design is inspired by the need for highly armored and potent firepower in a mobile package to break through enemy defenses or hold critical lines.

Development Background

Originally, the development of the AMX Foch series aimed to bridge the gap between heavily armored assault guns and more mobile tank destroyers. The goal was to create a vehicle that could effectively support infantry while providing substantial anti-tank capabilities. The design emphasized a balance between armor, firepower, and somewhat mobility to adapt to the changing landscapes of armored warfare.

Production Status

The AMX Foch B was never mass-produced nor saw active service. It remains a what-if scenario in the annals of armored warfare, a conceptual successor to the AMX-50 Foch, which itself was limited in production. Alternatives in the same era focused more on combining mobility with firepower, such as the AMX-30 series, which saw more practical use and development.

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