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HoKx WOT Clan

by iFacePalm

[HoKx] 25y+ HOKX Clan & Community is now Recruiting!

Last Update 14th of April 2022

  1. HoKx   (6h Daily Boosters)   https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500046758/
  2. HoKx2 (AFK Clan)                 https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500215341/

2022 April month – 6x Hours (18-24 CET) Clan Credit Boosters activated every single day!

I – HoKx Requirements:

  1. 25+ years old
  2. Non-toxic, mature team-player (Our members are in all age groups 25-60+ years)
  3. Able to understand and speak English
  4. For participating in HoKx events then discord https://discord.gg/rPnv3pA84 is mandatory for listening but a microphone is generally not needed

II – About HoKx:

  • We are a relaxed English-speaking clan who like to play skirmish and Clan Wars.  We are recruiting players who are over 25 years old and active in the game and enjoy team events.  We use our Discord channel as our main communication tool and there is a large repository of information on the channel, so please install Discord – there is no requirement to speak on Discord but you will at least need to be able to listen to commands during skirmishes.  https://discord.gg/rPnv3pA84e
  • There are no skill requirements to join HOKX.  The only requirements are that you are actively playing World Of Tanks and you are respectful to other clan members and at least 25 years old.  Ideally you will also enjoy playing skirmish events and Clan Wars.  Although attendance isn’t compulsory, we hope that you would join events if you are online and playing at the time.  We also encourage clan members to play together in platoons but this is not compulsory either.
  • We try to run skirmishes on most evenings and these can be tier VI, VIII or X.  All are welcome to join regardless of experience but we ask that you look towards grinding at least one of the recommended tanks from our list inside https://hokx.com/.  We keep the skirmish voice channel as clean as possible during battles so that the team can hear the commander, so please respect that when you join.
  • Credit boosters run currently from 18:00 CET to 24:00 CET every day including weekends.  We also run additional boosters fairly often. We play competitively and we want to win, but not at the expense of it being fun, the emphasis is about playing in a coordinated team with a relaxed but mature atmosphere where the focus is more on an enjoyable experience than win-rate, if so then chances are good that you will enjoy being a part of our HoKx Clan.

III – What does Team HoKx offer you?:

  1. Well Organized (members in all age groups 25-60y+)
  2. Daily Clan Events! (Check out our weekly planned event overview inside our HoKx Discord Server)
  3. Daily 4-6h Credit Boosters (Activated 18/20-24 CET) (currently whole April month has 6h of Boost every single day)
  4. No player skill requirements (We are all ultimately playing together to enjoy the game)
  5. We work together as 1 team (not as individuals in for example Skirmish events)
  6. Opportunity to try out Field Commanding or even Hosting Fun, RNG, FFA events and more.
  7. Loads of various Administrative Opportunities for interested members.
  8. We often have our HoKx Clan members featured inside our YouTube tank reviews battles – feel free to check them out https://www.youtube.com/c/ifacepalm

IV – Extra Info

  • Our battle tactics are different as we are not relying on personal individual skills – This means that we are NOT utilizing campy hull down strategies and therefore tanks in this field are generally not recommended but where fast Soviet Heavy tanks with RNG’ armor often are.
  • We never require members to buy premium tanks or use gold ammo in Skirmish events
  • We always offer tech tree alternatives for participating in events
  • Ultimately we want to earn lots of credits while having fun doing it
  • For our members who want to participate in the more competitive ‘Clan Wars battles on the global map, then we have strict tank requirements, crew, equipment, ammo, etc.
  • Every Field Commander is rated by their skill to make their session enjoyable – Win rate is not rated!
  • Every Field Commander is expected to wear the rank, meaning ultimately the “blame / reason” always is on the Officer in Charge.
  • Our clan Skirmish event policy is that win rate is not important but wanting to be a part of a team is – This is vital as we putting a lot of effort into training aggressive push strategies, that are dependent on rush attacking without stopping!
  • We are putting lot of effort into various push strategies that requires the team to work as a team – This gives some hectic and intense combat scenarios in comparison to camping in the back.

V – Our HoKx Community Discord Channel Includes (https://discord.gg/rPnv3pA84e)

  1. Every week a new event schedule overview is made for the coming week!
  2. Clan Officer Openings overview with details and requirements
  3. Direct World of Tanks news
  4. Overview of iFacePalm’s tank review videos
  5. Latest news from HoKx.com are shared
  6. News of new Bonus Codes from HoKx.com is often shared
  7. Loads of different discord bots that can provide tank stats, help, games, hokx coins, rng, polls, mastery replay uploads, casino games and much more
  8. And several other channels like General, Off Topic, Battle Results, Clan Wars, Announcements, Free Gold Competitions, etc.

VI – Diplomacy // Contact
Visit our official HoKx community Discord for more information at https://discord.gg/rPnv3pA84e or apply directly through the Wargaming Clan Portal (links are at the top).

See you on the battlefield!

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