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by iFacePalm

The Object 260 is a Soviet heavy tank that was designed in 1945 as a successor to the IS-3. It was also known by its project name IS-7. The tank was developed by the S.A. Ginzburg Design Bureau at factory 37 in Sverdlovsk, under the supervision of Nikolai Fedorovich Shashmurin. The tank was based on the ideas of improving the armor, firepower, and mobility of the previous IS tanks. It had a sloped and thick frontal armor, a powerful 130 mm S-70 gun, and a 1050-horsepower diesel engine that gave it a top speed of 60 km/h. It was also equipped with a radio, an intercom system, and an autoloader for the gun. The Object 260 was never produced in large numbers, as it faced several problems and drawbacks.

Only six prototypes were built by November 1943, when the production was stopped. The reasons for this were:

  • The tank was too heavy and expensive to produce and maintain. It weighed 68 tonnes and cost 264,400 rubles per unit. It also required special transportation and infrastructure to operate.
  • The tank had limited gun traverse, poor visibility for the driver, and high fuel consumption. It also suffered from mechanical failures and reliability issues.
  • The tank was obsolete by the time it was developed, as the Soviet Union had already shifted its focus from heavy tanks to medium tanks and tank destroyers.

The IS-3 was considered sufficient for the post-war needs of the Red Army. The Object 260 was supposed to be replaced by the Object 701 or IS-8, which was based on the German Panzer IV chassis, but this project was also cancelled. The final version of the IS tank family was the T-10, which entered service in 1957.

In World of Tanks, the Object 260 is a tier 10 premium heavy tank that can be obtained by completing the fourth set of personal missions (The Long Awaited Backup Campaign). The tank has good armor, mobility, and firepower for its tier. It can deal high damage per minute with its fast-firing 122 mm gun, which has good penetration and accuracy. It can also move quickly and turn well, thanks to its two engines and torsion bar suspension. Its frontal armor is sloped and thick enough to bounce some shots from lower-tier enemies.

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