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Evolution of WW2 German Tank Destroyers | Tank Museum

by iFacePalm

During World War Two, the German Army relied heavily on a specialized vehicle known as the “tank destroyer” to counter the growing threat posed by enemy tanks on the battlefield.

Throughout the conflict, Germany introduced a staggering array of 18 distinct types of tank destroyers, far surpassing the 7 or 8 variants utilized by the Allied forces, including the US, British, and Commonwealth armies. Among these, the Sturmgeschütz III emerged as particularly noteworthy, achieving the highest tank kill count of any armored fighting vehicle (AFV) during the war.

In this video presentation, The Tank Museum delve into the evolution, capabilities, and limitations of German tank destroyers, spanning from the agile 17-tonne Hetzer to the imposing 70-tonne Jagdtiger, which held the title of the heaviest tracked vehicle deployed in the conflict.

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