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Concept 5 | World of Tanks Best Replays

by iFacePalm

The Concept 5 is a tier X British wheeled medium tank in World of Tanks. It is based on a post-war project that aimed to create a heavy armored vehicle on wheels, suitable for specific theaters of war, such as rocky deserts. The project never made it past the concept stage due to the decision to develop main battle tanks and tracked vehicles.

The Concept 5 is a fast and agile tank that can quickly capture key positions on the battlefield with other medium tanks, or support its allies by changing position on the map. It has a very accurate gun with good penetration and damage, as well as a decent view range. It can also earn bonds in certain game modes.

However, the Concept 5 also has some weaknesses that make it vulnerable to enemy fire. Its armor is quite thin, so it can be easily penetrated by most shells. It also has a large profile and low camouflage value, making it easy to spot and hit together with low endurance. In addition it also has a limited turning angle of 6 degrees, making it harder to maneuver in tight spaces.

The Concept 5 is a tank that requires skill and experience to play effectively. It can be a formidable sniper and flanker, but it can also be a fragile target if caught in the open or outnumbered. It is best suited for players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and can use their mobility and accuracy to their advantage.

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