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Object 274a | WoT Best Replays

by iFacePalm

In World of Tanks the Object 274a is a formidable Soviet Tier VIII premium medium tank, known for its robust gameplay features. The tank sports a powerful 122mm gun capable of delivering significant alpha damage, which is particularly high for its tier. It also boasts decent penetration values, making it a threat to both higher and lower-tier opponents.

The Object 274a is characterized by a strong turret armor which is quite effective at bouncing incoming shells, especially when utilizing hull-down tactics. However, its hull armor, while decent, can be penetrated by well-aimed shots from equal or higher-tier opponents and additionally it suffers from poor gun depression angles. Mobility-wise, it is reasonably agile, allowing for swift repositioning on the battlefield.

The current meta of World of Tanks often favors versatile medium tanks, and the Object 274a fits this role nicely. It excels in roles that require a balance of firepower, mobility, and resilience. However, its weaknesses include a relatively poor gun depression and gun handling which can make it vulnerable.

Recommended Tactics:
– Use terrain to your advantage, leveraging the tank’s strong turret armor in hull-down positions.
– Flank enemies when possible, utilizing its mobility to outmaneuver slower opponents.

Historical Overview:
– The Object 274a is less documented in historical texts compared to other – Soviet tanks, primarily because it was a prototype that never reached mass production.
– It was developed to meet specific combat requirements, potentially as a successor to or an enhancement of previous medium tank designs.

Development Background:
The inception of the Object 274a was likely influenced by the need to improve the firepower and protection of medium tanks without significantly sacrificing mobility. The tank was conceptualized to bridge the gap between the heavily armored but less mobile heavy tanks and the highly mobile but lightly armored light tanks.

Production Status:
The Object 274a did not enter mass production. It remained in the prototype stage, with only a limited number of units ever built for testing. The decision against mass production was possibly due to overlapping roles with other tank models or advancements in tank technology that rendered the prototype less relevant. Other models that were developed around the same time or subsequently may have met the military’s needs more effectively.

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