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M103 (Antonow)

by iFacePalm

Antonow tank reviews the American tier 9 M103 heavy tank during  late 2016 where he starts off by going throough its tank statistics, stats comparison against the Conqueror before moving on to analysing the armour profile.  The World of Tanks review video finishes off with 2 game play replays.

*The M103 received buffs during 2020 which are as follows; 120 mm M58 Gun reloading time from 11.2 to 10s, 105 mm T5E1 standard pen 198 to 208. Reload time 10.6s to 8.7s, Aim time from 2.3s to 2.1s, Gun accuracy from 0.41 to 0.4, improved gun stabilisation and improved turret armour.

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