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Löwe (Wargaming)

by iFacePalm

Wargaming presents one of the oldest and most well known premium tanks the German heavy sniper the Löwe. The Super heavy tank premium tank is outfitted with an incredible accurate gun for a heavy tank that is able comfortably target weak spots at longer range. This particular Wargaming video was presented during April 2015 and this tank has since received several buffs during December of 2016 which primary included armor improvements which are as follows;

  1. Frontal armor to 150 (120)
  2. Side armor to 100 (80)
  3. Turret cheeks to 180 (120)
  4. Gun depression to -10 (-8)
  5. Engine horse power to 1000 (800)
  6. Power/weight ratio to 11.03 (8.89)

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