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ELC Even 90 | World of Tanks Best Replays

by iFacePalm

The ELC EVEN 90 is a French light tank that was developed in the late 1950s as part of the ELC (Engin Léger de Combat) program. The aim of the program was to create a light and mobile tank that could be airlifted and provide fire support for airborne troops. The ELC EVEN 90 was one of the prototypes that were built by the BRUNON-VALETTE company, and it featured a very small and asymmetrical turret with a low-pressure 90 mm gun. The vehicle had excellent camouflage and maneuverability, but very low survivability and firepower. Only 10 pilot vehicles were produced and tested, but the project was eventually cancelled and the ELC EVEN 90 never entered mass production.

In World of Tanks, the ELC EVEN 90 is a Tier VIII premium light tank that is available for purchase in the game store. It is one of the smallest and stealthiest vehicles in the game, with a very high camouflage value that allows it to remain hidden from enemy detection. It can also use its speed and agility to scout, flank, and harass the enemy, as well as relocate quickly when needed. However, the ELC EVEN 90 also has many drawbacks that limit its combat effectiveness. Its armor is very thin and can be easily penetrated by any shell, its gun has low damage, penetration, accuracy, and rate of fire, and its magazine reload time is extremely long.

Therefore, the ELC EVEN 90 requires a lot of skill and patience to play well, as it cannot afford to take any hits or miss any shots. It is best suited for passive scouting and opportunistic attacks, rather than direct confrontations or aggressive maneuvers. The ELC EVEN 90 is a unique and challenging tank that can be very rewarding for experienced players who know how to use its strengths and avoid its weaknesses. It is not a tank for everyone, but it can be a lot of fun for those who like stealthy and sneaky gameplay.

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